RSM & Associates

Strategy, Proposal Management & Enterprise Improvement

RSM & Associates provides high value, deep experience in multiple industries (sidebar) to plan strategy, assemble teams, lead capture and proposal efforts and/or perform project startup, audit or turnaround tasks.

We also provide general enterprise consulting to improve competitiveness, institute new, best practices and USG compliant plans, processes and procedures.

Typical engagements include:

  • Must-win or major capture/proposal effort
  • New market/product entry strategy, including teaming, if needed
  • Government grant or loan guarantee preparation
  • Supplemental/surge proposal staff
  • Establishment of EVMS or web-based collaboration systems
  • Specific technical expertise


The competitive proposal process is a chance for companies to reinvent themselves and their products for the future.

Today, to win a competition, enthusiasm and innovation in your offer is needed to catch and excite the customer so they look forward to working with you. But you must also prove a low risk, cost-competitive approach that makes award to you safe and reliable. Achieving this mix requires an outside, fresh viewpoint drawing on other industries and product solutions for new competitive approaches, teaming, technical/business innovations, productivity enhancements and new tools such as risk management, web-based collaboration and mission assurance approaches that add value to your offer.

Many companies have proven teams and expertise that serve the ongoing needs of their organization, but there are times when improvement assessments, new projects or pursuit of opportunities in new markets are needed. These tasks require proven outside experience and specialized knowledge to quickly and effectively achieve those goals and to lead or educate existing personnel to new tasks and standards. Outside consultants can question habits, structure and the technology where inside staff sometimes cannot, opening discussions at the executive level on how to innovate and improve revenues.