RSM & Associates


RSM & Associates provides expert services to appraise/develop market strategy, win new business, successfully recompete existing business, increase competitiveness and establish USG compliant plans, processes and procedures.

Campaign services

  • Market study & penetration strategy development
  • Teaming, strategic actions, meeting mgmt/planning, ads, RFP/price conditioning, Blue/Gold teams, risk analysis

Proposal Services

  • Proposal management
  • Volume leads (all vols)
  • Requirements &/or IMP/IMS/EVMS baseline
  • BOE development
  • Color team mgmt/participants
  • Production coordination, logistics management
  • EN/BAFO response management
  • Orals coaching

Post submittal services

  • In Progress audits, tiger team reviews, team brief-in, buyout assistance, initial plans submittals, baseline mods
  • Start-up support though IBR
  • Negotiation support

Enterprise Consulting

  • Interim program/project management, both domestic and international
  • Technology deployment/licensing/commercialization
  • Technology license management
  • Practical application of industry best practices plans and processes
  • Cost/schedule controls & reporting (EVMS), and supporting budgeting, cost estimating and schedule development
  • Web-based collaboration system & implementation support
  • Web-based vendor/subcontractor tendering, award and management system & support
  • Government/CASB compliance advice and support for rate development
  • Web-based personnel selection, training, coaching, performance management tools